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what we have to offer and plan your own memorable Island vacation. A stream of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants settled on the island in the late 19th century, to whom a number of island premiers traced their lineage. A secondary industry is the harvesting of Irish moss (a seaweed) for its carrageenan, an extract with several commercial uses. Family farms are increasing in acreage but decreasing in numbers. During the late 20th century, federal-provincial agreements enabled the province to institute a series of reforms aimed at assisting the people in creating viable economic enterprises for themselves. Photo Credit: Stclair Macaulay, browse Attractions, you are here. United States, and Latin Americamany newcomers during this period came from China, South Korea, and Taiwan. To those who leap at the chance to make each day more invigorating than the last. Come find your Island!

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English is the predominant language of the island, spoken by more than nine-tenths of residents; relatively few Prince Edward Islanders speak only French. "Planning a visit to Prince Edward Island?". Further inland, our rolling green hills and scenic farmland will keep your cameras busy. Pack your gear and your curiosity. The reforms resulted in upgraded living standards, but with a growing dependence on public funds and a strain on provincial resources. Nontimber forest products from Prince Edward Island include maple syrup, berry-based jams and jellies, wild edible mushrooms, Christmas wreaths, and ground hemlock. The most common family name remains MacDonald.


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The Acadians mostly live south of Rustico, near Cape Egmont, and west and north of Cascumpeque Bay. Since 1945 a number of Dutch farming families, looking for fertile but inexpensive land, as well as a sprinkling of other western Europeans, Americans, and Latin Americans, have settled on Prince Edward Island. Dairy farming is a major industry, and there is some cattle and hog raising. Most of the islands forests are controlled by some 16,000 private woodlot owners. Prince Edward Island Canada, we Invite You To, come Play on our Island. Unlike previous waves of immigrationwhich, as described above, were dominated by immigrants from Europe, the. Apart from their ecological value, forests play a strong economic role through sales of wood products and as habitats for commercially marketed game birds, mammals, and fish.

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Onshore plants process and freeze sea products; several aquaculture enterprises have been established, particularly involving the culture of mussels, oysters, and salmonids. Prince Edward Islands population is relatively evenly divided between rural and urban communities. A few island fishers participate in the lucrative catches of cod, haddock, tuna, and mackerel in the Gulf. American Revolution, and about 30, acadian families, recorded in the census of 1765, who were the progenitors of several thousand present-day French-speaking island residents. Demographic trends, in the first decades of the 21st century, the number of people exiting Prince Edward Islands labour force was expected to overtake the number of new job seekers. Come find Prince Edward Island. Discover Prince Edward Island, come Find Your Island, play Video. And if golfs your game, Prince Edward Island has courses to suit all skill levels and budgets including several courses considered among the best in Canada. . jesuiscougar com prince edward island

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